Bathroom Advertising

wall-advertising-restroomsIndoor Advertising or restroom advertising is a successful marketing method that targets a specific audience when there is little else competing for their attention. Because Buffalo Top Ads are placed in the restrooms of a variety of  locations, advertisers can target a specific audience and reach customers from various demographic categories, such as age group, gender, and locale. And, since the Buffalo Top Ads are the focal point of the audience’s attention during their bathroom break, the result is a very high retention rate for your advertising.

Researchers at Arizona State University, Rice University, Barbour & Monroe Marketing, and Market Intelligence Media Research have found the following compelling statistics regarding indoor advertising:

  • 98% of those surveyed had a positive or neutral reaction to the ads
  • 84.4% recalled seeing a specific ad
  • 92.5% could name specific advertisers without prompting
  • 88.5% of those who recalled seeing a specific ad remembered at least four selling points in the ad
  • Indoor ads are viewed for an average of 1.5 to 2 minutes compared to 3-5 seconds for traditional print advertisements

Because these are usually venues of entertainment in one sense or another, the demographic reach is highly valued to businesses both large and small. Depending on the location of your ads which is your choice depending upon availability, you can make demographic selections based on income, age, gender, lifestyle and geography. Find out what the media has been saying about bathroom advertising!