Portable Billboards

In general, the brain needs to view an outdoor ad 3 – 4 times in order to make an impression. At that point, the viewer either receives the message or disregards it as irrelevant. So after a week, the repeated exposure to an ad has less value.


Moving billboards are viewed by 95% of those that drive by and read by 85% of them – almost two times more attention than static billboards.

• Mobile advertising has an unlimited impact, especially due to protective sign codes, limiting additional static outdoor advertising. • 27%* of the heaviest commuters do not read a newspaper and 74% of super commuters don’t watch TV news either. • Given their elevation, static billboards often get tuned out, as one gets accustomed to their location. Portable billboards are at eye level. • As is the case with broad static billboard campaigns, you don’t have to pay for hard to see locations behind trees, poles and lines, or otherwise obscured.